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Engineering service

• Feasibility studies
• Planning for the project from A to Z
• Program developments

Supervision services

• Supervision of construction
• Supervision of quality
• Time and cost control

Design and build projects

• Produce effective value of engineering idea
• Work with the contractor
• Control the time line and budget of the project


• Compounds landscape
• Villas landscape
• Gardens
• Public spaces

Design services

• Data collections
• Concept design and developments
• Primary and fundamental design
• Developed and detailed design
• Final design

Program management

• Program schedule
• Cost and budget management
• Resources management

Architecture and planning projects

• Compounds and residential
• We design residential projects that provide people with the lifestyle they aim to live in wither it is a fancy apartment or low cost housing or compounds and gated once

Interior design

• Apartment , low cost house and villas
• Malls and public projects
• Office building